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Today at Embr: Embr CTO, James Hunt

AUTHOR: The Embr Team

Aaaand we're back! On Thursday, March 17, 2022, Embr Chief Technology Officer (CTO) James Hunt appeared as a guest on Today at Embr to introduce Season 2 of the podcast.

Colloquially called a "wizard" internally, James leads the charge on engineering and describes his background, previous experience, and philosophy on blockchain engineering having come from the traditional financial technology world. Coming from a background in startups, ecommerce, and financial-technology, James is unique equipped to set Embr apart in a competitive and crowded market.

After a thorough introduction, James and the hosts dive into the primary subject matter, Embr Checkout. For the first time since January, we got to see a live demonstration of Embr Checkout and the process of embedding it into a website via the console built into web browsers. The three then embed Checkout into the Safemoon website and make a transaction to show the sheer simplicity.

These topics and more make this an episode you cannot miss! Be sure to watch the episode above to see all the action!

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