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Weekly Recap - August 1-August 7

AUTHOR: The Embr Team
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Happy Monday, everyone!

Another week passes us by! This past week brought more Checkout onboardings, Telegram AMAs, and a nifty feature in the Point of No Return (PNR) podcast! Read on to get all the juicy details!


What's new with Checkout this week? We've onboarded another 3 projects with Checkout this week, bringing our total Checkout onboardings to 81 projects!

Native coins processed through Checkout this past week:

  • 2.04 Billion BRISE (BitGert)

  • 183.3 BNB (Binance Smart Chain)

  • 22.81 ETH (Ethereum)

Weekly Total in USD (at time of writing): $102,000.54


We are ramping up our Telegram efforts this month! We have daily events planned on Telegram; from AMAs with projects using Checkout, to music nights, to open mic nights! Check in daily at 4 PM EST / 8 PM UTC (times may vary) on our Telegram to hang out and have some fun!

Our schedule for the rest of August:

  • 8th - AMA - Snafu (12:00 PM EST)

  • 9th - Open Mic

  • 10th - Music Night

  • 11th - AMA - 3D City

  • 12th - AMA - CryptoBlast

  • 15th - Open Mic

  • 16th - AMA - Vault finance

  • 17th - Music Night

  • 18th - AMA - Atem

  • 19th - AMA - Whale Maker

  • 22nd - AMA - Safuu Rocket

  • 23rd - Open Mic

  • 24th - Music Night

  • 25th - AMA - Block Riders

  • 26th - AMA - Treasure Hunt

  • 29th - AMA - Omniaverse

  • 30th - Open Mic

  • 31st - Music Night

Come out to one and say hi! We have lots of fun activities planned for the next little while. Hope to see you there!

Point of No Return Podcast

Not long ago, Embr CEO and Web3 Innovation Leader Jason Dominique sat down with Nectarios Economakis, from the Point of No Return Podcast (PNR), for an interview about all things Web3, crypto, and startups.

You can watch the whole interview below!

There is also an audio-only version and a written summary of the episode here.

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