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Weekly Recap - August 15-August 21

AUTHOR: The Embr Team
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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It is hard to fathom that September begins next week! But, before going down that rabbit-hole, let's catch up on all the latest and greatest from last week! From an insane amount of Checkout onboardings to our second Project Update, last week had many juicy moments. Read on to get the details:

Project Update - August 18, 2022

Last week, Embr hosted its second major Project Update. To view the video, you can do so above, or through this link. If you'd rather review the key points in writing, you can visit our Project Update post from last week!

The highlight to mention is that is coming, and will become the premiere place to discover the world of Web3. Significant additions will be added over time, but the first version, coming in the next few weeks (or sooner) will have hundreds of tokens with information, links, and more for you to peruse.

For a sneak peek at what will look like, and for every detail mentioned at the Project Update last week, be sure to review from the options above!


What all is new with Checkout this week? Onboardings... Lots of onboardings!


We've onboarded another 8 projects with Checkout this week, with many more pending (in the works)!

Native coins processed through Checkout this past week (Aug. 15-Aug. 21):

  • 2.96 Billion BRISE (BitGert)

  • 178.8 BNB (Binance Smart Chain)

  • 18.02 ETH (Ethereum)

Weekly Total in USD (at time of writing): $85,081.61

Cool Checkout metrics (that don't fit elsewhere)

  • Did you know that our Checkout Launcher is actually our most popular form of Checkout? 58% of our clients use the Checkout Launcher

  • Since we began our push in getting Checkout Payment Links on Bubble Buybot, we have successfully gotten 11 projects integrated with Checkout through their Telegram buybot.

Expect more random Checkout metrics whenever there are some to share!


We are ramping up our Telegram efforts this month! We have daily events planned on Telegram; from Embr Spotlight (AMAs) with projects using Checkout, to music nights, to open mic nights! Check in daily at 4 PM EST / 8 PM UTC (times may vary) on our Telegram to hang out and have some fun!

Our schedule for the rest of August:

  • 23rd - Embr Spotlight w/ Mind Token

  • 24th - Open Mic

  • 25th - Embr Spotlight w/ Integrity Coin

  • 26th - Embr Spotlight w/ Treasure Hunt

  • 29th - Embr Spotlight w/ Omniaverse

  • 30th - Embr Spotlight w/ DeFi Kings

  • 31st - Open Mic

These Embr Spotlight AMAs have proven to be extremely fun and thoughtful discussions so far. If you haven't yet, consider visiting us on Telegram!

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