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Weekly Recap - August 8-August 14

AUTHOR: The Embr Team
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Happy Monday, everyone!

And just like that, we're already almost halfway through August! Hard to believe how quickly this summer has flown us by. Catch up on all the latest and greatest with Embr below!


What all is new with Checkout this week?


We've onboarded another new project with Checkout this week!

Native coins processed through Checkout this past week:

  • 21.07 Billion BRISE (BitGert)

  • 136.3 BNB (Binance Smart Chain)

  • 15.6 ETH (Ethereum)

  • 205.2 GLMR (Moonbeam)

Weekly Total in USD (at time of writing): $73,480.34

Telegram Bots - Payment Links

This past week, the Community and Customer Success teams at Embr discovered that we could place our payment links into the Telegram BubbleBuyBot. You may notice if you visit our Telegram, we have implemented payment links into the BubbleBuyBot in our channel.

After seeing how awesome payment links worked for our own bot, we began reaching out to various client projects and began offering to set them up with payment links through their BubbleBuyBot.

Why is this a good thing? The more means for people to use the Embr flow, the better! It's no secret that Telegram is deeply ingrained in the Web 3 culture, so this gives us an initial hand in that basket. More places you can buy through Checkout = more fees we collect when the fee goes live!

You can play with our payment links here (this one configured to $EMBR):

The example above is the actual bot we currently use in our Telegram, with the "Buy" button linked to the Checkout link above. This enables Checkout purchases right through Telegram conversation! If you're interested in this for your own project, be sure to contact or so we can get you set up!

NOTE - this integration is only possible through BubbleBuyBot on Telegram, for now.


We are ramping up our Telegram efforts this month! We have daily events planned on Telegram; from AMAs with projects using Checkout, to music nights, to open mic nights! Check in daily at 4 PM EST / 8 PM UTC (times may vary) on our Telegram to hang out and have some fun!

Our schedule for the rest of August:

  • 15th - Open Mic

  • 16th - AMA - Vault finance

  • 17th - Music Night

  • 18th - AMA - Atem

  • 19th - AMA - Whale Maker

  • 22nd - AMA - Safuu Rocket

  • 23rd - Open Mic

  • 24th - Music Night

  • 25th - AMA - Block Riders

  • 26th - AMA - Treasure Hunt

  • 29th - AMA - Omniaverse

  • 30th - Open Mic

  • 31st - Music Night

Come out to one and say hi! We have lots of fun activities planned for the next little while. Hope to see you there!

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