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Weekly Recap - June 27-July 3

AUTHOR: The Embr Team

Happy Monday everyone, and Happy Fourth of July to the Americans in our community! Another week passes, with more exciting developments across Embr, especially with Checkout volume!


We've onboarded another 3 projects to Checkout this week, bring our total active users to 54 projects!

Native coins processed through Checkout this past week:

  • 1.34B BRISE (BitGert)

  • 2,456 GLMR (MoonBeam)

  • 89.53 BNB (Binance Smart Chain)

  • 19.73 ETH (Ethereum)

With Grove Token integrated with Checkout, we've finally been exposed to Ethereum in addition to our usual native coins. We also saw a noticeable uptick in MoonBeam's native coin Glimmer being transacted through Checkout this week. Great week for diversified volume from multiple networks!

Demo of Checkout on Grove Token's website:

Our biggest onboarding so far came this week with Grove Token. Here is a sample of what it looks like on their website and just how smooth and fast Checkout allows transactions to be!


Interested in shouting the Embr name from the rooftops? We have an ambassador program where community members can help coordinate for and execute on opportunities that present themselves through social media.

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