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Weekly Recap - September 5-September 11

AUTHOR: The Embr Team
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Happy Monday, everyone!

Another week passes by! Embr continues developing and preparing for what should be an exciting period of time for Embr in the coming while. Read on to see all that's gone on in the past week!


What all is new with Checkout this week? Volume is up week-on-week, with a couple new onboardings:


We've onboarded another 2 projects with Checkout this week, with more pending (in the works)!

Native coins processed through Checkout this past week (Sept. 5-Sept. 11):

  • 790.6 Million BRISE (BitGert)

  • 100.6 BNB (Binance Smart Chain)

  • 33.44 ETH (Ethereum)

Weekly Total in USD (at time of writing): $89,258.51

Miscellaneous Checkout metrics:

  • This week, we had 238 transactions processed through Checkout, a 10.86% decrease despite having more volume.

  • The average dollar value per transaction that went through Checkout this week was $375.03.

  • The top three tokens with the most unique transactions were: Vita Inu (72), Grove Token (53) and IMOV (15).

Expect more random Checkout metrics whenever there are some to share!


We have more Embr Spotlights scheduled for this week! These Embr Spotlight events are wonderful discovery experiences where you can learn about the various ambitious efforts going on in the space. You may discover a gem that speaks to you, so be sure to drop by the Embr Telegram every day at 5 PM ET/9 PM UTC.

September Spotlights - 5 PM EST/9 PM UTC

  • Monday, September 12th - Embr Spotlight - Wanchor

  • Wednesday, September 14th - Embr Spotlight - French Connection Finance

  • Thursday, September 15th - Embr Spotlight - EverReflect

  • Friday, September 16th - Embr Spotlight - Cypher

  • Saturday, September 17th - Embr Spotlight - Cryogen

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